Continually achieving full marks for successfully delivering highly acclaimed academic facilities

Whether a new build, extension or a refurbishments John Martin-Hoyes Ltd have extensive experience working with the education sector for local authorities and directly for schools and colleges. John Martin-Hoyes Ltd have an understanding of academic timetables with work phased to minimise teaching and pupil disruption.


  • Capital investment programme schemes
  • Nursery and day care projects
  • primary and secondary school projects
  • Colleges and university projects
  • Partnering and collaborative procurement
  • Existing site extension,remodelling and refurbishments


  • Assets Management
  • Commissioning & Turnover
  • Design & Build
  • Comparative Cost Analysis
  • Complete Preconstruction services
  • Detail Budgeting & Estamiting
  • BREAM Compliance
  • Sensitive site working
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Project Specific Safety Planning
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Subcontractor Procurement

JMH provides educational facilities that inspire creativity and ingenuity, promto the learning process, and strengthen the academic mission of our clients.

JHM has an extensive portfolio of projects in the education section and takes pride in delivering innovative and creative academic buildings that will help to motivate and enthuse their students into achieving their full creative potential.
We have provided various education facilities in over 100 different schools, colleges and academies in local authority areas across the UK. The design and build expertise at JMH provides innovation, groundes by a robust approach to the efficient and cost-effective delivery of every project, on time and on budget.
Experienced in Design & Planning
JHM work with a team of experienced Structural Engineers, Designers, Surveyors and Project Manager who take care of every detail, starting from the very first stages of design and planning. Our relationship lasts beyond the final occupancy handover, to future extensions and alterations, with the changing needs of our clients and their end-users.
Comprehensive Safeguarding Startegy
Our detailed project management includes establishing the budget and parameters of each scheme with a transparent communications strategy that will allow all partners to be aware of each phase of the building process. During the construction phase, we implement a comprehensive Safeguarding Strategy to actively promote the safety and well being of all students, staff and visitors; including our own workforce.
Sensitive to Academic Timetables
We fully understand and work within your academic timetable, working with flexibility and sensitivity to minimise and distruption to studies and in particular, to Examination days. This is a key principle of JMH, whether we are working on a major new-build, or a small extension or alteration.
One-Stop-Shop Contractor Services
The professional services provided on all client projects include the expert services of professional advisers who will offer advice on sustainability, environmental factors, energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction and cutting-edge design features, to develop progressive learning environments that are innovative for students but cost effective for our clients.
Partnership Approach with Stakeholders
JMH will foster a close working relationship with the key stakeholders of each project, using a collaborative and partnership approach to establish a needs analysis for each project. This includes the members of the client-side design team, the local authority and the students who will become the end users of the facility.
Continuing Relationship
Every project becomes a continuing relationship for JMH. Our longstanding clients come back to us year after year to add extension, make further alterations and discuss new projects to encompass the changing needs of their students. This is a testament to our high quality of work, completed on time-every time.

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