Jun 8th 2017
Sponsoring a Local Schools Premises Manager
One of our current projects involves creating new teaching areas, and forming a two story infill building at a local Secondary school; William Farr, at Welton near Lincoln. The schools Premises Manager - Simon Hinton, informed us that he had previously been fortunate enough to be a part of a trip to Thailand and Cambodia the previous year, as part of a school expedition. The main aim of the expo was to help out it the local communities, including educating the locals regarding protecting their local environment. Simon has decided to return this year to give a helping hand, as well as finding out what the lasting impact of the first visit had on the local community. This second trip is self-funded, so when Simon asked if John Martin-Hoyes would be willing to help, we were able to sponsor Simon in the form of tools required to continue the construction works on site. We look forward to seeing the fruits of Simon's labour upon his return, as he has promised us photos of the works undertaken during the trip.    
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